Easy (2010)

"Easy" was recorded with my friend Nick Hetzler on guitar, some programming and production. Ed Sharpe also did some engineering on it. Six songs that rolled around in my head and finally made their way to tape. Nick really made the tracks sizzle with killer guitar work. Due to the programmed drums, the project has somewhat of an industrial feel here and there. Not a bad thing. Nick fell in love with a DOD overdrive pedal and used it to make his amp sound like it was about to blow up.

Song notes:

Unwinding - A sing that is quite simply, about "getting low" and disassociating from stress and frustration. Whatever your method, it's a necessary thing at times.

Easy - A song about having the love of your own child. They make it look effortless to grab your heart.

Closer – A celebration of intmacy, both physically and spiritually.

Moonsong – Kid: “Dad, what does poetic language mean?
Dad: “Well, I could say I love you or I could say that I love you higher than the moon. Does that seem like even more? That's being poetic.”
Kid: “What's the rest of the song, dad?”
Dad: “Oh. I guess I need to finish it now...”

All For You - Another song written to my child. Everything I do, I do for you...

Still Smiling – A song written for a friend. Someone who knew the worst about me and still loved me. Not a common thing.